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Economic Development

Committed to developing our community

A strong community involves multiple partners who work together to build a successful infrastructure to make Syracuse a great place to be! Take a look at the information below and you will see why.

Wawasee Community Schools are one of our largest employers with over 500 employees!

The mission of the Wawasee schools is to partner with students, families, and community to meet the needs of all students and empower them to reach their highest potential.


The Wawasee Community School Corporation is comprised of the communities of Milford, North Webster, and Syracuse, Indiana.


Wawasee High School and Wawasee Middle School each reside in Syracuse.  Milford Elementary and Milford Middle school share a building in the town of Milford.

At Wawasee High School the Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways Program focuses on ensuring every participating student receives dual credit or certification through Ivy Tech in a potential career path


North Webster Elementary and Syracuse Elementary both have new facilities in North Webster and Syracuse.

Wawasee Community School website is  The WCSC corporate office is located at 1 Warrior Path, Syracuse, IN  46567. Their phone number is 574-457-3111.

Major Employers

Nautic Global Group 
300 W. Chicago St. Syracuse, IN 46567 
Maple Leaf Farms
9166 N. 200 E. Milford, IN 46542
Chicken/Duck Products
Smoker Craft Boats
68143 Clunette St. New Paris, IN 46553
CTB, Inc.
611 N. Higbee St. Milford, IN 46542   
Farm Feeding Equipment
AIA Countertops (Patrick)
203 S Huntington St, Syracuse, IN 46567
Solid Surface and Stone
1001 W Brooklyn St, Syracuse, IN 46567 
All-Weather Furnishing
501 S. Sycamore Syracuse, IN 46567
Rubber Products
JP, Inc. (Jasper Plastics Solutions)
501 W. Railroad Ave. Syracuse, IN 46567
Molded Plastics
The Papers, Inc.
206 S. Main St. Milford, IN 46542

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