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An article was sent to us today as thought leaders in our county discussed an ongoing problem sweeping across the nation, finding people to fill jobs.  With the current economy, companies today can’t keep up with demand as a result of unfilled jobs.  We know this to be true in Syracuse, Warsaw, Goshen, South Bend, Indiana, and Nationwide.  

The article states, “But up to two million skilled jobs could go unfilled by 2025, according to a 2015 report (the most recent data available) from the Manufacturing Institute, a nonprofit affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers.

As a result, the previously unthinkable has begun to happen: A third of companies surveyed by the Manufacturing Institute reported that they had already turned away new work because of a lack of manpower, according to Carolyn Lee, the group’s executive director.

To address the shortages, manufacturers, as well as state and local governments, are increasing recruiting efforts. Although no statistics are available to analyze their effectiveness, these measures include higher wages, tax incentives for those relocating and the forgiveness of student loans, as well as enhanced training for students, new recruits and current employees.” 

To read the full article click here. 

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