Small Business Saturday and #ShopSmall

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Can you imagine our beautiful community without any of its small, local businesses?  

If our coffee shops, hair and nail salons, consignment shops, wineries, restaurants, bars, gift shops, hardware stores, hotels, boutique clothing stores, and more were just gone?   It’s a pretty scary thought if you ask any Chamber.  Small businesses are one of the core pieces of a vibrant community and that’s important to us.  Your Chamber works to support projects and initiatives that support local businesses, promote tourism, and a better quality of life for our residents. 

Which brings me to Small Business Saturday, a nationally recognized holiday held the Saturday after Thanksgiving that helps encourage holiday shoppers to support local brick-and-mortar businesses.  Your local Chamber is an advocate and a neighborhood champion of the holiday.  Don’t believe me? We’re on the list here.  That means we put the small businesses in our community first and want to remind everyone that they can and should try to shop small regularly, not just once a year.  

As part of our efforts your local Chamber has received materials and resources to help promote the holiday thanks to American Express.  This includes bags, mats, pens, etc. that you can already find around town at many of our shops. We also provide our members with information on creating free customized marketing materials (social media and print) to help promote.  

So why should you shop small businesses everyday?


When you support a local business, you’re also supporting your town, city and neighborhood.  Businesses pay sales taxes to the city and county the business is located in.  Stray to big box businesses elsewhere and that money isn’t benefiting your community at all.  Plus, that tax money is used to support our schools, parks, roads, and fund public service workers like firefighters. 

Small businesses make a major economic impact. Did you know that according to the Small Business Administration that since 1990 small businesses across the country have added 8 million jobs.  The more you shop local, the more potential job opportunities you could help them provide. 

Small businesses provide better customer service.  Small business owners strive to survive and one of the biggest advantages they have over large retailers is the ability to provide more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service.

Small business provide greater access to product diversity. Small businesses have just as much access to vendors (who also determine pricing, not stores) that big box businesses do. If a small business doesn’t have the products you want or need, ask them – they’re also usually much more receptive and willing to order them for you.

Small businesses create a sense of community. You’re much more likely to get to know a small business owner in your neighborhood.  

You’re going to feel good. Your local Chamber knows this is true. We’ve heard it from our member business owners.  We’ve seen it first hand and encourage you to help us spread the love and word. 

What are your reasons for running a small business or shopping at one? We’d love to hear them!

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